Ah, football.  Nothing tears up the grass of a field quite like you.

The first time I saw this, I was really worried about how the field would look for the playoffs.  Ah, how foolish I was to worry about that.  But at least for the end of the season, AT&T Park’s beautiful solid field will have marks on it.

What’s worse than the players, however, is the marks left from where they put up those stands for the football games.  They’re just blocks that kill the grass, even though they’re there, just for a day or so.  I remember last season’s concert (I don’t remember who it was), and how it took nearly a month for the grass to grow back again.

So, Cal…welcome to AT&T Park.  Next year, I hope the only time you show up is for a Bowl Game, and help pay Timmy’s and Matt’s salary.