Can we blame either Sabean or Bochy for this showing?

These guys are a team that can win.  We know that, or else they wouldn’t be in the playoffs.  I’ll be the first to admit that they were playing over their heads the last few weeks in September, but they are a very good team.  Not perfect, but very good.

But this weekend they played like crap.  Pretty close to everyone.  I might make exceptions for George Kontos and Tim Lincecum.  Partial exception for Buster Posey, but the home run only makes it not complete crap, as he didn’t do much else.

So I guess I have to blame Bochy.  For as ready as the team was in 2010 to be in the playoffs, this year the team didn’t look prepared at all, mentally or otherwise.  They got slaughtered.  There were bad breaks, sure, but the team looked like they just gave up, especially in Game 2.  And Bochy’s moves in Game 2 were terrible.  Kontos did his job, and Lincecum did very well, both for himself and for the crowd, but he had the quick hook on Casilla since there seemed to be something wrong with him, and was too slow to recognize something wrong with Mota.

So, yes, I’m blaming Bochy.  And maybe a bit on Sabean for not finding a better filler for the hole in left field, although Gregor Blanco did a better job hitting in Game 1 than the rest of the team.

Guys, don’t let this be the last taste of live baseball in our mouths for 2012.  Because that was disgusting.