Are Dodger fans really that bad?

Yes, yes they are.

Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle pointed out the subtle idiocy of Dodger fans on Twitter during Monday’s game.



Then, Dodger fans and that bastion of online journalism Deadspin took Schulman to task, saying that fans were “booing that the Giants got a hit.”

Oh, bullshit.

In two decades of being a fan and a decade of being a journalist, I have rarely heard any fans ever boo someone ‘getting a hit.’  If that were true, we’d hear boos out of every stadium multiple times every game.  No.  They groan when the other team gets a hit.  They sigh.  They throw their hands and take a long sip of a too-expensive beer.  But they rarely boo.  If fans do boo a player for getting a hit, it’s because they have something personal against said player.  And I don’t know if anyone has anything against Joaquin Arias.  What, does he remind Dodger fans of Eugenio Velez a little too much?

No, fans boo when they’re mad at their own player for misplaying balls, or pitching poorly, or for giving up.  I should know.  As a Giants fan, I’ve seen that and done that a couple of times this season, and many times in the past (I’m remembering you, Alex Sanchez and Ruben Rivera).

If Dodger fans were booing the Giants getting hits, well, I sure didn’t hear them tonight.

Shut up.  Dodger fans.  Deadspin.  Both of you.  Give it up.  Stop booing one of the only players on your team worth cheering when he’s legitimately going above and beyond.  And stop defending your fans’ lack of baseball savvy.  Try getting to games on time.  Hint: Stop going to the 99-Cent store before every game to pick up beach balls.