Don’t get me wrong, for the most part, I’m okay with little tweaks to encourage a better pace of play.

There are some pitchers who take way too long to get ready.  They…did not get addressed.  But at least the batters will.  I did love the Panda Dance before each at-bat. That will probably not get touched by this rule.  But the glove (and other) adjusting between each pitch?  I’m glad that’s going away.

I know some guys out there are going to bitch and moan about “Well, this isn’t how we played the last five/ten/twenty years!”  Well, changes happen.  Some year is going to be the year that a change occurs.  Baseball has seen a lot of them recently, sure, but mostly it’s been good.  The fake throw to third and first?  Glad that’s gone.

Manfred has seemed to be on a tear.  Pitch clocks, pace of play, and today talking about maybe shortening the season…  I do think he should slow down, don’t change too much too fast.  But hey, changes are getting done.

Now, how about clearing up the home plate tag play rules…and maybe that whole Oakland/San Jose thing?  Thanks, dude, hurry up on those.