I’d just like to note that some scripts and comics are done before the previous night’s game, and only get undone for few things short of a perfect game.

Unfortunately, last night ended short of a perfect game.

But the good feelings of last night’s game aside, this has been an unending cascade of bad feelings around this team for too long now.  And at the start of last night’s game I experienced something I hadn’t in a long time.

I got to the gates at 6:45, and there was no line for security.  None.  I barely had time to get my keys out for the metal detector.

As the National Anthem played, the swath of empty seats looked like the third quarter at an afternoon game at Levi’s Stadium.  Things eventually began to fill out, but more than ever, the “Sellout streak” seemed like a bunch of bunk.

The Giants’ poor play at home is taking a toll on the fans, and it’s hard to not think that this will be one of those downward spirals where one thing might lead to another.

A one-hitter by Madison Bumgarner and a two-home run game by Buster Posey will help the good feelings.  But this team has had good moments this season…and can’t sustain them into streaks since the start of the slump.

It’s time for the Giants to get busy getting serious.