The Giants bullpen has been a strength since Armando Benitez was exorcised.  It had moments of doubt here and there, sure.  But it’s been strength.

This is probably just one of those moments.  But geeze, this thing doesn’t look good.

It kills me to say that about Steve Edlefsen.  I like him.  A lot.  He had been a consistent ground ball machine.  That slider wasn’t a Romo-esque think of beauty, but in the minors it was a 2001-Felix Rodriguez-esque thing of consistency.  But then last year, something happened.  It happened mostly in Fresno, but a bit in the majors.  This spring, there was a tease that he was back.  Nope.  I still believe in Edlefsen…but it’s time for him to go to Fresno and find his mojo.

There is hope.  His name is George Kontos.  Remember him?  No?  He was who Sabean got for Chris Stewart.  A third catcher, at the end of spring training.  And Sabean got a guy who, frankly, looks good.  1.71 ERA in Fresno, 26 strikeouts and 7 walks in 31 2/3 IP over 23 appearances.  And he’s on the 40-man roster!  His name is Kontos.  Why isn’t he up?

In the meantime, I would love to see Schierholtz take a shot at the mound.  But part of me would honestly be afraid for Posey’s safety.  Maybe not the umpire’s, but definitely Posey’s.

On a separate note, I want to dedicate this comic to Alex_Lewis.  He was a poster over at McCovey Chronicles, one of the great online communities I’ve ever seen on any topic.  I didn’t get to interact with him much, since I don’t spend much time over there, but from what I knew of him, he was a fun-loving guy with a good sense of humor.  He passed away suddenly earlier this week at his father’s home, at the age of 27.

Some people wonder why I’ve included a computer as a character almost unto itself in this comic from time to time.  It’s because it’s an indispensable part of many communities these days, and in some ways, especially for Giants fans.  It’s a way for us to come together and celebrate what we love, and get to know new people, even if we never actually ‘meet’ them.  Grant from McCovey Chronicles is far more eloquent than I, and I don’t recommend reading that link unless you’re in a place where you aren’t ashamed to shed a tear.  But the friends we have online, even if they’re ‘only’ online, are real friends.  And he will be missed.  Stay strong, Gallo.  You and your family are in my thoughts, and I hope in all of ours.