Seriously, anyone who is not a Giants fan would say that Dave Flemming’s call of Edgar Renteria’s home run, with the voice breaking as he screams “It’s Gone!” would call it an embarrassment at best, and terrible broadcasting at worst.

Screw them.

Dave Flemming’s call of the Renteria home run was epic.  It embodied, all at once, the built up emotions, the hopes, and the death of the pessimism that had reigned this franchise’s fans for years.  It was purely in-the-moment, as baseball calls should be.  And to be frank, all the great calls in sports history are filled with that sort of emotion.  What, you think this call was a calm, unbiased piece of sports journalism?

Would you rather remember it with Joe Buck’s “Three-run home run…” where he lost 50% of the enthusiasm in his voice with each word?  Seriously, he did the same thing in 2002 when the Giants beat his Cardinals in the NLCS.  It’s measurable.  The Joe-Buck-Giants-Half-Life.  It’s a science thing.  Ask the guys at “Surviving The World”.

At any rate, this season has had it’s moments, both good and terrible.  Sometimes, we all need an escape.  Like watching that World Series moment again.  Over, and over.  And over.

On that note, The Lunatic Fringe is teaming up with SFDugout to give away ten copies of the 2010 World Series on DVD, thanks to A&E Home Entertainment and MLB Productions.  Yes, ten copies!  How!  Read this post for more details.

Then turn on your Twitter during tonight’s game.

At 7:30, a trivia question will be asked on the @sfdugout Twitter feed.  The first two who get it right get a copy.

At 7:45, another trivia question will be asked on the @sflunaticfringe Twitter feed.  The first two correct answers get a copy.

On Thursday, it’ll happen on the Facebook pages.  On Friday, over at the forums for SF Lunatic Fringe.

And, if you don’t win a copy, keep in mind that Father’s Day is just around the corner.  And Dad will always need an escape, once in a while.  Especially from those horrid ties.  Or maybe you’re Dad, and your kid is too young to buy you something.  Buy it for yourself, so you can be the greatest Dad in the world and be able to tell your kids the story of the 2010 San Francisco Giants someday.

And the best part of the DVD?  It’s got the KNBR feed, so you can hear Dave Flemming’s call.

You can pick up the DVD from the Store here.