A real quick analysis of the Tim Hudson deal: At first, I thought “Damn, that’s a lot of money for him,” and I’ve seen that comment a bit, but I’ve also seen a few reports and insiders say that there was more money out there for Hudson.  (Sorry, can’t find the tweet I saw…)

That’s when I realized that all the tweets about money were from fans (and the Braves, apparently).  That, at least, made me feel a bit better.

EDIT: Okay, so the tweet I saw was from some Catfish Rumor-mongerer that has been found to be fake.  Dammit, at least I wasn’t the only one to be taken in by him.  Still, I have seen a lot of people who like the deal.

Outside of his injury, which is obviously a major concern, Tim Hudson is a great fit for the Giants, though.  Even at his age, Hudson has remained very effective, and he’s the type of pitcher who can stay effective while turning 40.  He’s a groundball pitcher to an above-average infield defense.  Belt and Crawford are plus defenders, Pablo has great reflexes when he’s healthy (especially weight-wise).  Only Scutaro is a concern there.

Finally, he’s one of the good guys in baseball.  Everyone has nice things to say about Hudson as a teammate and a player.  That might be his only downside for me…he won’t provide much comic fodder.

But otherwise, I like the deal.  I just hope the ankle comes out strong.