So, this Giants team needs some help, definitely.

But they don’t need Dan Uggla.  The Giants had Brandon Hicks, who mostly sucked at hitting (except for walks and sporadic home runs, which were decreasing) but was good at fielding.  So effectively replacing him with Dan Uggla, who mostly sucks at hitting (except for less walks and sporadic home runs) but doesn’t field well.

And they don’t need Bartolo Colon.  He’s been surprisingly good most of the past few years.  But he hasn’t been great this year, and has been pretty damn bad the last two months (like the Giants).  Frankly, at the age of 41 and with a rotund shape that makes Pablo Sandoval look like a model for Spanx, I’m not inclined to believe Colon will pull out of it.  And I promise that the $15 million that Colon is owed the rest of this year and next hasn’t colored my opinion.  Much.

Honestly, the likely names the Giants could get don’t really impress me.  Why not?  Well, because they won’t help much in the ways the Giants need.  Mostly because there aren’t any:

• Center fielder types.

• Leadoff hitter types.

No, I’m not ignoring that second base still has problems.  But Scutaro being back is worth checking out, and Joe Panik has been continually hitting well (except the first base bag).  And yes, I’m kind of ignoring the starting pitching issues because I’m believing Cain will be back quickly and back to normal.  And if he’s back, there’s no one on this pitching staff that could reasonably be worth the cost to replace one of our existing starters (meaning, Vogelsong).

No, the Giants aren’t getting David Price.  I mean, come on.

So, yeah, this might be an exciting trade season across baseball…but I doubt it for the Giants.  If there is a trade…I likely won’t like it.