The Winter Meetings were certainly a dud…for the Giants.

Andrew Friedman made Billy Beane look like Ned Coletti for three days.  The Dodgers were having an insane few days, and now I have no idea who I’ll be irrationally booing next season versus who I’ll be ambivalent towards since they’re Padres and Marlins.

They were still dicks about it, too.  Dan Haren publicly said that he wanted to play in Southern California (specifically, either the Dodgers or Angels), or else he’d consider retiring.  The Dodgers still traded him to Florida.  But that’s not all.  The Dodgers got back Andrew Heaney, and then flipped him to those southern California Angels, to get Howie Kendrick.

Now, Dan Haren is no Andrew Heaney, to be sure.  Haren has been mediocre the past three years, and is entering his 34-year old season.  Heaney is a top pitching prospect, with about six years of team control, three of which are cheap.  Dan Haren wouldn’t have gotten Howie Kendrick in trade.  But still, Dan Haren, wanted to stay in SoCal, got traded out of SoCal, and a guy he got traded for got traded to the other SoCal.

Welcome to baseball.

The Dodgers will be in the news all offseason, and all of next season.  The Giants lost one of their top three hitters, and have struck out, swinging wildly, at various players they have targeted this offseason.

Yep, this going to be a loooooooong season.