Apparently, you can also play the Pirates.  Oh, I remember these Pirates.  I like these Pirates.  They aren’t quite the Expos….but they’re fun all the same.

Last night’s outburst aside, the Giants really need to change something, or fix something.  Seriously.  This is beyond bad.  It’s approaching sad.  Beltran coming back would help, but the offense isn’t one-man fixable.  I hope Huff can keep up his renaissance.  The Giants won’t repeat with him.

For those who didn’t see, with the Stewart and Huff home runs, the Giants have now hit 18 solo home runs in a row (meaning, they haven’t hit one with a man on base in that streak).  They are one away from tying the major league record of 19, set in 1914 by the Phillies.  While I’m all for breaking just about anything Phillies-related at the moment, I’m not sure this should be one of those things.

Come on, Bam-Bam.  Get something going with these guys.

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