The Giants rarely seem to play the Nationals well.  This season, in seven games, they are 2-5.

But what I’ll remember about the Nationals in the regular season is this: When the Giants got to play the Nationals for four games at home in June, they were 42-21.  They lost the first three before salvaging the final game.  Directly after that were six straight losses, and so on.

When the Giants showed up in Washington in late August, they were 67-59.  That is a 25-38 record between the two series.  The Giants won the first game to end the Nationals’ winning streak, but lost the final 2.

Since then?  The Giants are 11-4 (I’m including the finish of the suspended game, even though the major league schedule counts it as in May).  Hopefully, the Nationals were the bookends of bad play.

But the Giants just don’t play the Nationals well.  If there’s any particular playoff team I don’t want to meet, it’s them.

Here’s my order of preferred NL contenders to play:

1. Pittsburgh Pirates – I just don’t believe they are a real threat.

2. Milwaukee Brewers – See #1.  Maybe it’s biased after so many bad seasons by these teams, but yeah.

3. Atlanta Braves – This team just isn’t as threatening as they used to be.  But I’m way tired of them in thep layoffs.

4. Los Angeles Dodgers – Let’s face it: when they’re on, they’re a good team.  And I really really really don’t want to see them beat the Giants, so why risk it?  But then again, it would be an awesome, electric series.  Wouldn’t want to miss it.

5. St. Louis Cardinals – *Sighs* I’m just done with them.

6. Washington Nationals – Oh no.  Oh hell no.  No.  No.

Oh, and don’t forget…Miami’s sneaking up.    They are just 3.5 games back of the second wild card spot.