So, the Sharks are back.  And heck, they’re doing good.  It’s got to be good when the biggest defeat the Sharks have suffered is one of their biggest stars being held to just one goal instead of two.

But why are we doing this?

What the NHL did this year was ridiculous, even for a sports world we take for granted as being ridiculous.  It wasn’t that long ago these teams were fighting over money and lost a whole season.  Hell, it was in the career lifetimes of many players still in the NHL.  Having labor stoppages that close together is nearly unprecedented.

And now, the fans appear to be letting them back into their hearts without reservation.

We shouldn’t let them take the fans for granted.  The NHL has always been the distant fourth of the four big professional sports leagues.  Maybe America should teach them a lesson, and let soccer become number 4 for a while.  That’d teach them…

Then again, the Sharks are looking really good this year…  And in a short season, anyone could take the Stanley Cup…  And I’d love to see it in the Bay Area….