Two left-handed relievers are getting $10 million.  I’m not opposed to either player; I rather like both of them, and consider them very good pitchers.  I wouldn’t have minded either of them coming back…but both?

So…is this the money that could’ve gone to some offensive help?

All offseason, we’ve heard the talk of ownership and management talking making vague statements about budget limitations, priorities about investing in the big pitching stars, and suggestions that any impact players will be too expensive.

It’s not like there aren’t players out there who don’t fit Giants needs.  Sure, adding a first baseman at this point is more than superfluous, with one veteran under expensive contract and two young players.  But boy do the Giants need a shortstop.  Their young one is not ready, nor a sure thing.  And they have no real veteran shortstops under contract.  And there are two big-name shortstops on the market.  Not one.  Two.

But now, $10 million for two lefty specialists.  That’s more than the first year of a solid back-loaded contract.

So that leaves us with….yea.  If it’s not Crisp, I guarantee it’ll be Betancourt.  This is starting to feel mighty Tucker-ish…