In 1900, the National League contracted to eight teams.  The Classic Eight.  Since then, there has never been another contraction in the majors.  And it’s amazing just how much those eight teams have dominated the Senior Circuit since then.

One might be told to be loyal to the league…but I seriously hate the Cardinals.  They’re right up there with the Phillies.  And the Braves.  And the Marlins, and the Rockies, and…well, you know what?  I don’t like most of the NL.

Screw that.  Let the Rangers win one.  They won’t get another so long as they have to face the Giants for it in the future.

And the answer (correctly given by one reader) to last weeks question?  The Mariners and the Nationals/Expos are the two franchises left who haven’t yet appeared in the World Series.