Yeah, the Garden seemed okay.

I still have some questions to see how it’ll all turn out.  The food wasn’t available last night, for instance, and the fire pits weren’t active.  How well will those work in the wind there?  That center field entrance is even more of a wind tunnel now with that area open.

They put four panels in the center field wall with slats for fans to presumably look through, but one is blocked by a camera stand out there, and another is pretty much blocked off by the batting practice cage they store in the middles of the sod farm behind the garden area, so…why?

And I still wonder how they are going to keep the seagulls from eating all the stuff growing there.  And pigeons.  And everything else.

It’ll be interesting to see.  And damn, anything to keep attention away from the ridiculous choke job this team is doing on the field…