This will be a very interesting draft, no doubt.  The Niners really aren’t as stacked as a lot of draft experts say, in my opinion.  Everyone has rightfully identified a need at cornerback.  They really do need a vertical threat at wide receiver.  They desperately need depth on an aging defensive line.  They need linebackers to fill in for and support injured Navarro Bowman, and one to give them a reason to not be so dependent on Aldon Smith.

And, what no one’s talking about, they need a utilityman at fullback.  Delanie Walker was a key part of the 2012 team, playing various roles, including fullback and tight end.  He was everything from a blocker for a team that really was run-first, he was an outlet out of the backfield, or part of complicated passing schemes.  Harbaugh’s creative play schemes just weren’t the same without him as a wildcard.

That’s a role the Niners won’t fill in the first round, but they need to find someone to take that role.  Bruce Miller is a fine traditional fullback, but he’s not enough there.

I suppose it’s also interesting to see what the Raiders do at #5.  We have to do something while waiting for the 49ers to pick, right?