True story.

With a late work day yesterday, I was looking for someplace to watch the World Series, and I ended up going out with a beautiful young lady I haven’t seen in way too long to a bar in Palo Alto.  But I totally missed that she said she was going to watch it “in costume”.  It had barely registered with me that it was Halloween.  And, as luck would have it, she’d decided weeks ago to be a Rockford Peach, before the Giants got to the World Series.

We get to the bar, and her and her cousin and her cousin’s husband were the only ones in costume.  Everyone else, including myself, were in Giants gear.  And it kind of brought her down a little to be the only ones in costume.

However, she got flirted with and hit on by just about every guy that saw her.  It was a perfect costume.

After the game was over, the bars emptied out of Giants fans, and a still-disappointing smattering of Halloween enthusiasts showed up.  So I buttoned up my jersey, made sure I had the perfect curve in my cap, and attempted to pretend that was my costume.  It was enough for a fun night.

I was thinking that she should get tickets to Game 6 and wear it there on actual Halloween, but…well, the Tigers really aren’t going to let that happen, are they?

I can’t say anything about the game.  The Giants did what they do, the Tigers did what everyone was betting them not to do.  It’s really disappointing, actually.  But I won’t feel that way after one more win.