For those of you who aren’t familiar with the timeline behind this, here’s a quick recap.

December: ESPN proposed moving Opening Day for the Giants and Dodgers up a day to feature it, and moving it to San Francisco so the Giants could unveil their championship banner on national television, in front of their rivals.  Predictably, the Dodgers and their fans balked.

January: The Dodgers agreed to move up Opening Day, but would not agree to let it be played in San Francisco.

The Dodgers then reinforced their decision by deciding to use the opportunity to celebrate…..the 30th anniversary of Opening Day, 1981.  Seriously.

It’s true, you can have a rivalry with begrudging respect.  But there has to be things to hate.  This is something the Giants and their fans can hate the Dodgers for doing.  So, yes, we should be thankful.  I think.  I’m still confused.