I honestly don’t know what to say about Gregor Blanco.  Out of nowhere, literally.  And at the moment, he’s playing Angel Pagan right out of the starting center field job.

And, honestly, I could not find it listed ANYWHERE who the Kansas City Royals named as the player they got back from the Washington Nationals.  Not even in the team transaction lists on MLB.com.  Even when a player gets traded for straight-up cash, someone notes it.*  Did the Royals just forget about it?  Did they say, “Hey, don’t worry about it, consider it a sympathy gift for once being the Montreal Expos?”

I’ve honestly had friends who are pickier about getting paid back after they spot me a soda at the local Taco Bell than the Royals apparently were with this trade.

Now, Blanco’s this close to being the Opening Day starter for the San Francisco Giants.

It’s a great story…but I still have no idea where it comes from.  Seriously, Sabean, where are you finding these guys?

• – Some might have seen an opportunity to joke about the player once traded for 10 bats.  That guy was John Odom, and he was a Giants prospect once before the independent league trade that made him infamous.  But the embarrassment from that trade has been implied to have lead to his overdose death on drugs, six months after the trade.  I can’t make a joke about that.