It’s not a jinx, it’s confidence!

Seriously, though, I don’t have any hate for Kansas City fans.  I loved visiting Kaufmann Stadium last year with family, and other than being confused about why a Giants fan was wandering around the stadium, they were cool with me.

So, yeah, if the Giants are going to break their hearts, I’d rather not watch it with gratuitous shots of sad fans that Fox would broadcast.  And you know they will.  Hell, it doesn’t take much to see a Fox storyline that is not “Giants win their third title in five years” and more “Giants rip the hearts out of long-suffering Kansas City fans”.  In the Texas series, they couldn’t pull that one because the Giants fans were long-suffering themselves.  The Giants aren’t that way now.  The Tigers had actually been longer suffering than the Royals (1984 was their last title, one year before the Royals), but the Tigers had been in the World Series fairly recently.

But Royals fans, with their Paul Rudd kegs, would be the victims in the national storyline.

But this is World Series baseball.  There’s no pity titles.  When it’s your team against the long-sufferers, you root for suffering.  It’s nothing against the Royals or their fans.  Frankly, it’s just because the next World Series loss might be the next start of long suffering, and I’d rather put that off for another year.

After all, I am a procrastinator…