It’s incredibly appropriate that Ray Lewis gets to go out on top thanks to some lax enforcement of the rules, I suppose.

I know that you probably want to see a writer come out of this Super Bowl with their chin held high, and tell you to ignore the bad officiating.  I can’t be one of those guys.

This season will be remembered for the bad officiating, from the replacement ref debacle early on to the Super Bowl.  From an incredible non-call on offensive pass interference in the first half, to a Ravens player shoving a referee with no penalty on what would usually be an ejection, to an apparent offsides on a 2-point conversion, to a coordinated inability to see holding in the final few plays…it was pathetic.

It doesn’t excuse a Niners team that simply looked unprepared in the first half.  A procedure penalty on first play?  Come on….   And the secondary was always a weakness, but it had never looked so inept.  Oh, and Chris Culliver needs to not be on the 49ers next season.  Off the field and on, that guy is a piece of…well, you know.

Still, I will tip my cap to the 49ers for having a great season, even if it ended distastefully.  Not too bad.  It’s a team that has some rebuilding to do.  Aside from the need to drop Culliver from the team with as little hesitance as the Giants did with Melky Cabrera, there are holes to consider.  Is Justin Smith retiring?  That’s a big hole on the defensive line with no replacement around.  Is Randy Moss retiring or coming back?  A.J. Jenkins sure didn’t feel like an answer at wide receiver.  And while I’m not going to hate on Akers having injury problems at the end of the year, he may be considering retirement as well.

I hope this wasn’t a tease and then there will be a fallback next season for the red and gold.  But all was not Super with this team on Super Bowl Sunday.

It does, however, clear the path for baseball to come back soon.  Oh dear god, come back soon.