I don’t know how far in advance All-Star Ballots have to be printed, but they are always good for a laugh in June.  Sure, there’s no way they could predict a late-May injury to Buster Posey.  But the Huff-as-outfielder experiment ended barely weeks after it had begun.  Couldn’t those sort of adjustments be made?

It’s not like Huff, as he’s playing this season, was a big threat to get voted in, but I don’t think anyone outside of a fan who’d seen Manny Ramirez play the outfield would want Huff out there.  And, well, no Dodgers fan would’ve voted for Huff.

On that note, have you voted?  Go vote, already! Let’s be honest, there isn’t a current position player on this team who will be starting the All-Star Game, especially with Posey injured.  But, maybe there can be a symbolic vote-in of the team’s missing leader.

Then again, there’s a lot of very deserving pitchers, who fans don’t get to vote on.  But, then, that’s the Giants of this generation.