I felt like it might be awkward to keep running strips about Melky, but people can’t let it go, so this fits.  Whether it’s about the fake website, or Melky’s future, or the Giants future, people are still talking about the aftereffects of his test.  Heck, ESPN’s MLB page continues to have one of their flash panels dedicated to Cabrera non-stop this past week.

And it won’t stop as the Braves come in.  That’s the Braves, the team that the Giants faced just as Melky was hitting his lowest point.  Perhaps the point that caused him to decide to do the things that brought us to this point.

For now, enjoy the Dodgers.  The Giants are guaranteed to come out of Los Angeles in first place.  But they can be out of it after a four-game series with the Braves.

There is a silver lining, if the Giants can get out of this week alive.  After the Braves, the schedule is strongly in the Giants favor.  The out-of-division games the Giants have are against the Astros and Cubs.  But the Dodgers have to face the Cardinals, Nationals, and Reds.  The Giants remaining schedule has a .452 winning percentage; The Dodgers will face a .509 winning percentage.