Seriously, I don’t get the whole pre-formed hamburger thing.  I think it’s disgusting.  The meat gets so pressed that it loses all of its juices and flavor, so anyone who wants something tasting decent has to dump MSG on it.

Screw that.  I also handpack my own patties, and my BBQs over the summer have become legendary.  The burgers are that damn good.

It’ll be a shame that Jeremy Affeldt could end his Giants career on that note.  I doubt the Giants will take his $5 million option for 2012.  His three seasons have been good years for the Giants, even if his regular season in 2010 wasn’t great statistically.  It doesn’t matter, because what he did in Game 6 against the Phillies will be what I remember.  Warming up even as Jonathan Sanchez’s implosion led to clearing benches, and coming in and shutting down the Phillies in a game the Giants really needed to win.  Forget his three years with the Giants, that should be the defining moment of his entire career.

I would not mind seeing Affeldt back, at the right price.  And the right price includes getting him a personal cook.