So, here’s the list of MLB playoff teams that I would have liked to see win this year in order, including play-in candidates.

1. Oakland

2. Pittsburgh

3. Texas

4. Tampa Bay

5. Detroit

6. Cleveland

7. Cincinnati

8. Boston

9. Atlanta

10. St. Louis

1,000,000,004. Los Angeles

I haven’t liked how this postseason has gone so far.

I don’t know if it’s nice to know that a couple of key players in the Dodgers run so far are Giants castoffs…or that they were cast off of a team that was close to last place and are winning with the Dodgers.

It feels good to know that after Uribe left, the Giants went on to win a World Series, so the Giants didn’t really need him to win.

Not so sure about Wilson, though, his antics aside.

Still, I hope they lose to whomever they face in the next round.  Even if it’s the (yuck) Cardinals.