I don’t mean to pick on the Warriors, but…yes, yes I do.

The team is doing well.  Surprisingly well.  Andrew Bogut, the guy they overpaid for last season, the true center that the Warriors have never had in my lifetime?  He’s still out.  People are talking about him the way they talked about Freddy Sanchez early in the year… “He’s so close, he’s almost back…but we kinda don’t expect him to ever play again.”  And yet, the Warriors are doing well in the paint, and are 14-7.

That’s still a record to be fifth in the Western Conference, believe it or not.  (It’d be tied for third in the East).  Because at the end of the day, the Warriors still find ways to disappoint.  They were off to a hot start this season, and were facing a Lakers team that had just fired its coach after a horrendous start…and the Warriors got blasted.  You get your hopes up, the team you hate the most is in a perfect spot to lose…and the Warriors can’t finish it.

The Warriors are getting powered from names you don’t necessarily expect.  Stephen Curry’s name is one you expect to be leading the team, and David Lee is proving to be one of the best Warriors trades ever.  But Klay Thompson, Carl Landry and Jarrett Jack?  It’s even more surprising that these aren’t career years for these guys.

But they’ve got a low-ceiling rookie at center with Bogut out, and no real backup for him…you have to think this can’t last.  Tonight, they hit the Miami Heat, who were hilariously thought of as losing it last week (yet they’re 15-4).  Will the Warriors, on a roll, pull out another upset?

I’m not holding my breath.