I’m not all that unhappy hearing that the Giants and Santiago Casilla…you aren’t, right?

But Romo, Lopez, and Casilla really were the last of the true 2010 Misfits left on this Giants team.

True, there are still three players from 2010 left on the squad: Buster Posey, Matt Cain, and Madison Bumgarner.  But none of them were really the Misfits or castoffs the team got that nickname after.  Two were top of the draft prospects that were prized rookies, the other was the team’s longest-tenured pitcher and a rotation mainstay.  The bullpen led the way with a bunch of weirdos, often followed in other spots.

2017 will start with a pretty darn fun team, with several good personalities that got a big start in 2011 as Brandon Belt and Brandon Crawford came up.  Hunter Pence has personality for years, and it’s hard not to love Johnny Cueto’s Instagram feed.  But the first San Francisco Giants team to win a World Series is really just about gone.  And that is a little sad.