What, with the way the Giants are playing, do you blame us to looking ahead?

Sometimes, dogs can be quite passive-aggressive.  They know they can’t bite you.  They’ll be the bad guy (or girl), and catch shit for it.  So they’ll sit there, across from you, and just growl quietly.  Non-stop.  Doesn’t matter how nice you’re being, but they will.

Come to think of it, sounds like some best friends of girls I’ve dated.  (And I’m not just talking about female best friends.)

As far as the Giants go…on one hand, they could’ve swept this series in Atlanta.  Three one-run games?  Easily could’ve been a sweep with some health.  On the other hand, this was one of the worst stretches I’ve seen this team play since 2008.  Disgustingly ugly.  Ugly ugly.  It has not been fun.

I hope Houston is as useless as their record makes them out to be.  The Giants need some easy games.