Well, when you’re not winning everything, you have to play for pride.

How about playing for your fans’ pride?  At least no respecting baseball fan would root for the Dodgers outside of southern California.  But Giants fans and A’s fans have to intermingle at places like work, school, and BART.

Seriously, public transit would be more palatable if they had separate cars for moneyballers.

Really, though, A’s fans have always seemed more invested in the superiority during the so-called Bay Bridge series.  And, to be honest, the A’s have been playing much better the last three weeks.  So if the Giants are going to prove the two-game winning streak is for real by extending it into a six-game winning streak, it’d be real nice if they’d do it now.  Not because I’d lord that four-game sweep over A’s fans, but just so I don’t have to keep listening to them until they get beaten by the Tigers in October.

Well, maybe I’d lord it over a couple of the ones at work.  But they really deserve it.  I swear