So, Sergio Romo blew the save and Mexico lost a shocker to Italy.

Well, he kinda blew it.  Here’s the play.

Well, it was blown even without the drop.  Deep fly ball to left with a man on third and one out, the game would’ve been tied.

Yeah, but that’s tied, not lost.  I mean, come on, the left fielder should’ve had that ball!

Yeah, but Romo shouldn’t have given up a ball that deep.

But you can’t totally hold it against him.  It was a slider that was popped up, and the ball carries in Arizona during the day.

Two words for you: Anthony Rizzo.

Wait, the girl from Grease?

SHUT UP!  We’re trying to be serious.

Okay, but he was kind of good with the Cubs last year.

Yeah, but he sucked as a Padre.

So did Denorfia, and he got a double off of Romo, too.

We’re ignoring the real question: Why are there so many ex-Padres on the Italian team.

There you have it.  All the academic discussion you’ll get out of me so far on the World Baseball Classic.  It’s been fun to watch.  Having not gotten to see the U.S. play yet, I find myself rooting for The Netherlands.  I wouldn’t know why…

Also, last night, the umps hassled the Cuban manager all night about wearing gloves, blew a call that went against Cuba, and wouldn’t let Venezuela have a moment of silence for Hugo Chavez.

Forget Right-Coast bias.  Get ready for some nuts to start saying that baseball has a Right-Wing bias.  *sigh*…