It’s the small moves that make a season and a team.

I admit, when the Giants picked up Ryan Vogelsong, I thought it was to sell tickets in Fresno.  I was wrong.

When the Giants found Pat Burrell on the scrap heap, I expected it to be a non-factor in anything.  Nope.

Cody Ross?  It seemed like sacrificing a roster spot to stop a rival.  Well, not just.

Marco Scutaro?  A fine veteran bench player.  Yea, well, much more than that.

It’s amazing how many of these guys the Giants have picked up and found a way to get good, and even great, things out of.  I admit, I thought Huff still had something left (and got some credibility with people for seeing that).  But I was in the minority.  Almost every other move has been the kind of thing that surprised me.  From the big busts like Burrell and Vogelsong, to the never-weres like Andres Torres, Gregor Blanco and Joaquin Arias.  They all have had such big contributions…

So, why not Jason Bay?

Bay has a Burrell feel about him, except for the lack of ridiculous amounts of groupies.  He was never really an elite hitter, but he was a guy who’d hit above-average, and had the potential to lay out 20+ doubles and 20+ home runs.  But with the Mets, he couldn’t do both in the same season even once.

Now, he’s cheap.  And on the market.  And the Giants need a left fielder.

Could the Giants coax one last year of a talent outburst out of him?

I have to imagine that Bay, having seen what the Giants have done with scrap heaps like him, is having major internal debates about this.

30-HR Bay: There’s power for a right-handed batter pulling the ball, and doubles if I go the other way.

.165-BA Bay: And we haven’t hit a home run there since 2006.

30-HR Bay: The Giants have gotten guys who have struggled for years to win again!

.165-BA Bay: Yea, for just one year, then they’re off towards retirement.  They’re like talent-vampires.

30-HR Bay: But they won a world championship, without a closer, their star pitcher sucking, and a career minor-leaguer in left field during the playoffs!  Imagine what they could do with me, even not at my best!

.165-HR Bay: That career minor leaguer still outhit us last year.

30-HR Bay: But the name!  The name is perfect!

.165-HR Bay: It’d be perfect in Tampa as well, and a hell of a lot warmer.

That last note is of no small consequence.  I can’t find the stories saying it, but I seem to remember Jason Bay saying he didn’t like the cold weather here.  But, hell, things change.

I don’t know.  There are some pretty good outfielders on the market, but at high costs.  I suppose the Giants couldn’t do worse than a low-cost option to really improve the offense.  But on the other hand, he’s Jason Bay.  He was the Mets’ version of Barry Zito.

Well, now that’d really set him up for a playoff redemption.

It’s the small things, though.  Which means, if it merits a comic strip being written about just the possibility happening, it’s not going to be a small thing, I guess.