Let’s be honest, the idea of a jinx is the kind of superstitious, ridiculous kind of thing that we, as an enlightened species, should strive to eliminate from our society.

It’s also FUN.

Me and my best friend, we call each other out on jinxes.  Who’s really to blame for something that happens in sports.  Because it can’t be luck, it has to be magic, and magic has someone who summoned the evil forces, either by ouija board, or saying Beetlejuice* three times, or saying the magic words like “No-Hitter” or “Perfect Game” or “Joe Buck”.

It’s fun.  The Superstitions are fun.  It’s part of the club, it’s the silliness.  And someone pointing it out, be it broadcaster or newspaper writer or anyone else saying “You know Pro Wrestling is fake, right?”

Of course we know.  You say fake like it’s a bad thing.  If you ask me, the ability to pretend to enjoy stupid things is still a big part of life.

That said, it’s supposed to be fun, so have fun with people who break the jinx.  Don’t harass the sportswriters or broadcasters or others who don’t have fun with it.  That’s okay.  If they don’t want in on it, there are plenty of people who are.  Have fun with it, don’t be an asshole with it.  It’s a thin line to walk.  Even harder now that we don’t have the makers of Jackass to demonstrate what the wrong side of the line is.

Besides, it’s Robert’s fault.  Robert, you know it.  You said something, even if I wasn’t there.  Don’t deny it.

Oh, and am I suggesting that Fox doesn’t care what happens if Joe Buck can’t go into it in his All-Star Game storylines that have been carefully preplanned by the former Dodger owners?  (Yes)

Am I suggesting that NBC couldn’t care less if it wasn’t related to the Olympics? (No, actually…they’re totally dreading the clusterbump that Rio is going to be next month…)

* – That’s not how you spell Beetlejuice, by the way, and if you don’t spell it right when you say it out loud, it doesn’t happen.  Or it does, but you just summon the sequel with Zach Braff playing the Michael Keaton role, and you deserve that if you intentionally try it.