I wonder, is it any coincidence that, a day before the World Champion Giants come to Oakland in the yearly Interleague showcase, the trailer for Moneyball is unleashed on the world?

Seriously, Brad Pitt as a math genius?  Billy Beane as Brad Pitt?  Unbelievable.  So, you know the nerdy kid played by Jonah Hill in the trailer?  Peter Brand?  Doesn’t exist.  Seriously, THAT is Billy Beane’s Tyler Durden.

(Okay, he’s supposed to be Paul DePodesta, but the guy who has the two worst owners in baseball as references on his resume decided he didn’t want Superbad to display one of the finer moments of his career.  So we get the doughy, fat, nerd sidekick instead of a Mark Zuckerberg looking Ivy League nerd.  Even when celebrating baseball’s nerds, Hollywood still manages to insult nerds.)

The over/under on hearing commentaries about the possible A’s move to San Jose this weekend is 5.  But Bud Selig is too spineless to make a decision on this, especially since the Giants are his new golden goose.  Showtime TV series, the most marketable stars for a new generation of baseball.  The New York Yankees market clean-shaven guys; the Giants can barely market their clean-shaven guys.

What happens when the Rebels and Misfits go mainstream?

It means that San Jose has the winningest team in professional baseball.  And it won’t be the San Jose Athletics.  Not anytime soon.