Well, this sure came to pass.

I heard the story about Ben Affleck refusing to wear a Yankees cap in Gone Girl months ago, actually before the movie came out, and I laughed at it and took enjoyment over the power of being a baseball fan.  Then I finally saw the movie this past weekend, and in addition to the cap switch, Affleck spent a fair amount of the movie wearing a Cardinals t-shirt.

Now (no spoilers, I promise), it makes sense for Affleck to wear a Cardinals t-shirt.  He lives in Missouri, close to St. Louis.  Of course he would.  But, for a lot of people in the baseball world, St. Louis fans are the villains.  Heck, small groups of them have even done some rather villainous things.  Even Dodger fans had some mixed feelings about the Cardinals, even as they faced the Giants.

But, let’s be honest, the Giants are certainly in that role of villain now.

Five short years ago, we were possibly the lovable underdogs, even though the Giants were facing a team in their first World Series ever.  Even then, the Giants were still hung under the banner of rooting for Barry Bonds, which, frankly, I’m not ashamed of.

But now, as winners of so many championships recently, no one is going to like the Giants, or their fans.

So, you know what?  Fine!  This has been an awesome run, and I’m not ashamed of being a fan of it.  And while, like many fan bases, some Giants fans act horribly, I’m proud of our fans.  The Giants are a great team with a great community.

So yeah, let’s see what actor wears our stuff to be a villain.  I just might cheer him in the theater.

"The Fan" - (1996)