Yesterday, the news came out: Giants manager Bruce Bochy had ordered catcher Buster Posey to not block the plate anymore.

Honestly, there’s a baseball traditionalist who is a little sad about that.  I admit it: I like things like ‘gritty’ and ‘scrappy’ play.  Baseball’s not often a physical game, but I like those moments that it is.  A collision at home plate is exciting.  And I say that as someone who played catcher long ago on school playgrounds, and got involved in a few from some over-eager bullies.

But on the other hand: more Buster Posey.  What happened last year ended the season.  Sure, the team was in first for a few months after it, but everyone felt the loss of Posey.  It killed the team.  Everyone knew it.  So, yea, in the name of keeping the star hitter healthy, no more plate blocking.

But Buster’s the kind of guy I am.  I’m pretty damn sure that, during a pennant chase or the playoffs, if the game’s on the line, Buster’s going to get in someone’s way.