For what it’s worth, I agree that this whole bullying thing should have been done in-house.  I admit having been guilty of doing the non-celebrity version of going to the press when I have had problems with people: I’ve posted passive aggressive messages on Facebook.  It did not help anything or anyone, and I regret it.  I hope I’ve grown up since that.

That said, anyone who thinks that’s an excuse for Incognito is crazy.  There’s mentoring, there’s motivating, and then way out on the other side of the ocean is what I’ve seen of what Incognito said.  That stuff is never okay to say, and anyone who’s trying to lead someone needs to know when playful banter crosses the line.

Just because it goes on in every clubhouse doesn’t make it okay.

And then there’s the people commenting on it…like this “Professional.”

I wish Damon Bruce would go the way of Larry Krueger, but god knows KNBR couldn’t learn a lesson for long, could they?

For the record, some of the best “Locker room talk” I’ve ever had has been with women.  One I know in particular would hand Krueger his own <sports paraphenelia> and shove them down his <digestive organ>.  And that’s before she goes and gets her guns.  And I am talking about firearms, people.

But…yeah.  For the record, KNBR, this is why I no longer listen to you except during a game, and Fitz (sometimes).  Other than that, you’re off my dial.  Get with the times in terms of your hosts, and for hell’s sake, get with the times and get on FM too, okay?

This whole thing is sickening.  I can’t wait for real baseball to come back.