There is a running joke in comics that you know that a comic was from the 1990’s because the character has pouches (I’m looking at you, Rob Liefield).  Their pouches have pouches.  So many pouches.  No fanny packs, but pouches EVERYWHERE.

We should be happy that those characters won’t be visiting ballparks in the next few years.  Because they would hold EVERYONE up.

You probably heard that the Giants will be adding Metal Detectors for the 2014 season.  This isn’t a Giants-only thing.  All of MLB will be adding them by 2015, the Giants are just a little early on this thing.

This thought brings up a comic from last year, and that point is still valid…  You never know when something might happen, and if nothing happens, then there’s a good chance it’s because the security is working.  Still, people are going to complain, and legitimately, it’s going to slow down our game-entry experience.  It already can take an absurdly long time to get into a game, especially on giveaway days.  This is going to just make things harder.

The best thing you can do?  Leave the knickknacks at home.  Do you really need a lot of stuff at a ballgame?

And just remember, MLB’s policies for entry are a lot more reasonable than the NFL.