Things we learned from the NLDS:

• Richie was right about “home field advantage.”

• Clichés are true, even if they’re bull.

• There’s a reason every Hollywood sports movie has a motivating speech near the pivotal scene; they’re real and they work.

• Tim Lincecum should be starting.

• Barry Zito should not be.

• You can’t believe the numbers in the playoffs.  Hector Sanchez did not start because he was expected to get two walks.  Brandon Crawford wasn’t put into the lineup of the last game because it was expected he’d make an error early, and get the triple to knock in the Giants’ first run and be one of the starters of the deciding rally.

• The good shall always defeat Mat Latos in the end.

• Most importantly, Buster Posey is the MVP.

Voters aren’t supposed to take the postseason into account for those votes, and most will still vote for Posey without looking at this game.  Posey had two home runs and a couple of gunned down runners, and an otherwise quiet series.

I can’t wait for the NLCS.  I can’t wait to find out who the Giants are playing so I know what days to start bartering to get off of work.

This thing is going to drive us crazy, again.  I’ll be joining you guys on the bus.