Does anyone really care about the Bay Bridge series anymore?  For the past few years, those games have been even less attended than any other Giants home games.  (Ironically, the one A’s game is usually one of their best attended.)

Baseball’s preseason has always been better than most because they make it like a resort thing with Spring Training.  Fans want to go because it’s truly some vacation, and because you can do more than just Giants baseball.  It’s great.

But the home preseason/exhibition is about as exciting as the NFL’s preseason.  Sure, even in Spring Training, results don’t matter, but that’s even more so with these exhibition games.  Usually the rosters are all but set by now.  And the actual big leaguers will play less innings than they’ve been playing in spring training.

This year, at least there’s still some roster suspense.  Will Brandon Belt make the roster?  Who will be the final bullpen pitchers?  But it’s not a lot.

Enjoy these games.  You’ll never get as much free space at AT&T Park as you get this week.