Imagine, a manager not having to lumber down the steps to that old phone.

Imagine, him not having to worry about not being able to hear over crowd noise, because he can read a text.

Imagine the replay coach being able to simple send a message, without being bidden from the dugout.

And that’s before you talk about the bullpen issues that have happened in the past at stadiums that keep bullpens fenced away.

I know, MLB is scared of something nefarious happening…but seriously.  I work in tech.  It’s easy enough to lock out the apps that can be used on a tablet or phone.  Parental controls, with an umpire controlled password.

(And let’s be honest, I’d be more likely to expect a child to figure a way around parental controls before any coach on a major league team these days.)

Besides, what else could be done?  Stealing signals?  By the time that message gets from a spy to a coach, to be signaled to a batter, the pitch would already be in the catcher’s glove.  And if you only allow one device, in the hands of a coach, you don’t have to worry about tweeting during games.

Come on, let’s get with modern technology.