The last couple of weeks, a lot of people have been talking about players getting injured, either by throwing the wrong pitches too many times (or not) or by the immovable bases that baseball uses, but not this way.

How many times will the Giants lose players by getting hit on the hands?  It seems to happen an inordinate number of times…at least to the orange and black.

Is there a realistic way to stop these injuries?  If the pitchers aren’t interested in wearing helmets, and if the batters are resisting better batting helmets, there’s probably not any kind of gear players will like.  And the more you tell pitchers not to throw inside the more they’ll resist it.  People were slamming Posey last night for not being a man and getting more in Jason Heyward’s face on that missed tag…and that’s after the Giants and their fans have seen happen to the team when he gets injured.

Maybe eventually players will just be able to replace their hands with Star Wars-style bionic arms.  Then all the team will need to wait for is shipping time for new parts.