Yup, this is very much actually hanging in one of the windows along the King Street side of AT&T Park.  The last thing this team should be promoting is the position player who perhaps got the most reasonable deal of any free agent this offseason.  And he got it to leave the Giants, not to stay with them.

The Giants don’t really have much of a new look to push.  A couple of mid-level (at best) outfielders, really.  Other than that, the only new look the Giant should be hoping to push is ‘Healthy’.

To be honest, I’m worried about a 2013 new look.  I’m worried Matt Cain won’t be back.  I’m worried Aubrey Huff will be.  The Giants will have nine free agents (Cain, Huff, Wilson, Cabrera, Sanchez, Pagan, Affeldt, Fontenot and Mota), and Rowand off the books.  How many will be replaced by young prospects?  How many free agents will the Giants bring in?

But right now, the Giants should be looking ahead.  2011 was about looking back and enjoying the World Series win.  Now, it’s about when the next one will come.