Seriously, had to break away from the team for a moment.  A big thank you to MiLB writer and Oakland A’s blogger Chris Martinez for the idea behind this one.

There are a few things that can be annoying in any baseball broadcast.  Numbers 2 through 27 are Tim McCarver.  #1 is Joe Buck.  But there are even things in Giants broadcasts that are annoying, and this new ad is one of them.  It’s short, so by the time you look up (if you don’t know what it is), it’s gone.  What kind of advertisement is that?  It’s built on false pretenses.  It’s lying to you to get your attention.  When you realize what it is, if it takes you more than one viewing, you feel let down, and taken advantage of.

The worst thing about it is that it’s so ever-present.  “When it’s time for a change…” is pretty catchy, despite hearing it a few times a game for years.  Why?  Because it’s not lying to you.  Sure, it’s trying to be cute like it’s a 10-year old looking for affirmation, but it’s honest.  It is what it is.  This is a lie.  Sure, it’s an ad, but it can still have ethics.

You know what else is annoying during Giants broadcasts?  Giants pitchers having ONE BAD INNING, every game!  Every damn game!  C’mon, guys…