<<For those expecting a response to that game that was Game 6…well, unfortunately it takes too long to do a comic and respond that quickly.  But it was an epic game, even if it was more ugly than beautiful at times.  But Texas: You just got Game 6ed.  Good luck winning Game 7….you’ll need it.>>

I had some misgivings, at first, at doing this strip.  It might be too soon, and a bit too much, to mock the violence that’s occurred both in these protests and at Dodger Stadium.

But it has to end.  And since there is a lot of anger (some of it rightful) at the police, I’m going to go at the others, who are just as responsible.

Frankly, I agree with the general dissatisfaction the protesters have.  I’m hardly part of the 1%.  But the protests have done worse damage to their cause than the 1%.  Perhaps those involved in the violence, that instigate things with the police by throwing rocks, bottles and paint are a few outsiders to the group, but that’s no excuse.  If truly peaceful protesters align themselves with the few who cause violence, then they allow the violent to take over the message.  If the organizers of the Occupy protesters are serious about being peaceful, then they need to expel those who aren’t.  Then the real message will be taken seriously.

Don’t let the extremists take over the message.  That’s what the Tea Party did.

In the meantime, there is still the recovery of Bryan Stow, who more than anyone else has been a victim at AT&T Park.  There is another benefit for Stow and his family that will be occuring November 9th.  This one’s a musical benefit by Tim Flannery and the Lunatic Fringe (not associated with this comic or website).  The proceeds will benefit Stow’s recovery and family.  Please pick up tickets at this website.

And no matter the arena, stop the violence.  But remember, the best way to do that is not to start it.