If you haven’t heard, the San Francisco Giants will be bringing back reliever Guillermo Mota for 2012 on a one-year, $1 million deal.  Not a bad price for a middle/long reliever.  It will be Mota’s third season with the team.  He joined the Giants in 2010, hitching along for the ride to a championship.

Yea, of all the guys I expected to return for 2012, Mota wasn’t high up on the list.  I don’t think he was on the list.  And my list included the training staff and clubhouse support.

But, in truth, he hasn’t been bad.  He hasn’t been great, but he’s been an effective guy out of the bullpen.  He  hasn’t been exciting.  He hasn’t been dramatic.  He hasn’t been torturous, which kind of makes him stand out.  He’s just there.

But I still can’t not see him in Dodger Blue throughout much of the 2000’s.

BTW, fun fact, the last Milwaukee Brewer to serve a PED Suspension before next spring’s possible MVP suspension?  That’s right, Guillermo Mota…although he tested positive before he was traded to the Brew Crew.