I really was sad to hear that the Bay Area wasn’t selected to be the U.S. candidate to host the Olympics.  I know that public sentiment is pretty anti-Olympics these days, but I’d love to be a part of that kind of event.  Good or not good, it wouldn’t have been boring.

But the late switch to a permanent facility was something I’d been wondering about before.  I was honestly shocked that earlier proposals in years past hadn’t included plans to keep a new stadium for the 49ers.  It made sense to complete one for the Raiders.  I mean, it’s money to construct a stadium, in a region in desperate need of new football-like stadiums.  And it was ideal because there were so few facilities that needed construction around the Bay, with two arenas ready (Oracle and SAP Center), Levi’s Stadium, AT&T Park, world class aquatics at Stanford…

Then again, Atlanta hosted in 1996, and their stadium was converted to baseball for the Atlanta Braves….and now that stadium is already getting replaced.  It wasn’t a bad stadium but…unlike a lot of Olympic stadiums lately, it was kind of dull.  The location was more of a factor in the eagerness to replace it.

I definitely think that, if that Olympic plan had gone through, it might very well have spelled the end for the A’s in Oakland, at least at the Coliseum site.  Maybe Oakland might have stepped up on other sites, or this would prompt our new commissioner to make a decision on San Jose…but at least it would’ve moved things forward for them.

I don’t know what Boston is going to do.  They don’t even have firm plans for a stadium for track and field and the opening and closing ceremonies…  Remember, the Patriots play in Foxboro, which is closer to Rhode Island than it is Boston.

But, no use debating the plans now.  Boston is the nominee for 2024.  Good luck to them…

And the A’s are still waiting for Manfred.