I can’t believe that the ESPN broadcasters were trying to blame the sixth-inning run on Sandoval calling for the ball.  That’s Posey’s error and responsibility all the way.  If the dude is going to be a leader (which he is, and will be), he’s got to make the decision on whether making the throw is safe or not.

Can’t blame Sandoval for seeing an opening and trying to take it.  He was ready.  But Posey is the only one who can know if he’s also ready.  He wasn’t.  Unearned run.  But it wasn’t just Posey.  Half the guys in the field made mistakes, from Tejada to even Torres, who was barely vindicated when Booo-Ribe ran that bloop into an out.

Suck it up, guys.  It’s just one game with a lot of mistakes.  But try to keep those types of games against the Dodgers to a minimum….please?