For you, a little Opening Day picture, combining some of the most lasting images of the 2011 Opening Day.

I won’t go out of my way to pat either of this strip’s creators on the back, but I’ve really got to say that Rog did a humungous job on this.  It’s incredible the amount of detail he put into this, combining some of the day’s best moments into one image (I love Lou Seal with the championship belt, and Wilson running off to put up the banner).  He’s done a great job with this the past two months, but this strip is the crowning achievement so far.

By the way, how do you like the color?  It’s kind of a metaphor.  Baseball is back, for real, here in San Francisco.  It’s like things are in color again.  Even aside from that bad metaphor, I hope you like it a lot.  Going forward, The Lunatic Fringe will be coming at you in living color! (Mostly black and orange.)

We’re going to make this image available to people in our new store.  Yea, we’re trying to suck money out of you, but hey, if you enjoy the comic, please support us!  Advertising sucks, both in how it’s here and how little it pays, so anything you can do to purchase items we put up for sale makes a big difference for us.

Thanks for making it with us this far, and the both of us hope you will enjoy what’s coming in the next few months!