I’ll keep this short:

The 49ers will regret losing Jim Harbaugh, even if they weren’t the only ones to blame in the relationship failing…

This team has a lot more to rebuild than just the talent.  The defensive line will be in serious shambles with Ray McDonald and possibly Justin Smith gone, and the Patrick Willis and Navarro Bowman injuries throw the defense into question with an already not-great secondary.

But that’s even not considering the depleted offensive line which was a big part of this year’s problems.

But moreso, this team’s culture needs a real change.  There were arrests and bad judgement, and more.  Releasing Ray McDonald won’t help the problem much.  The changes need to happen at the top, and losing veteran leaders like Frank Gore and Justin Smith won’t help that at all.

This team has owners who can’t help but be seen as meddlers, fans who are impatient after coming close, and a new stadium that hasn’t provided much of a home field advantage at all for various reasons.

This may be the end of this run of good fortune for the 49ers.  I’m ready for it to end and rebuild ASAP